Thy National Park

On 29 June 2007, Thy was elected by the Minister of the Environment as the first Danish national park. Thy has great national and international significance. This is not least due to the many and large dune heath landscapes all the way from the lighthouse in Hanstholm to Agger Tange, which are completely unique in a European context.

Thy National Park is Denmark's largest wilderness. Here the waves from the North Sea hit the beaches, from where the wind carries the grains of sand up into the high dunes. Behind them, the landscape opens up like dunes and lakes with clear water. And even further inland are the large, contiguous forest areas, which can be both dark and impassable.

It is an area characterized by being relatively deserted, and it creates the framework for some of the country's most unique habitats, some of which are also rare on an international scale.

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